About Us

We are the link between your business and the USA

Who We Are

The Venezuelan-American Chamber of Commerce of the United States is a self-financing non-government organization established in 1991 that derives its entire income from annual membership fees and revenues from the events and publications that it originates. We work closely with many professional organizations, and public and private entities. These partnerships allow continued strengthening, organized growth and improved quality of life of the community.

By joining our Chamber and participating in our events and business oriented activities, you become part of one of the fastest growing, thriving and dynamic business community in the United States. We invite you to join our organization and become part of our family!

We are here to WELCOME, to PROMOTE, to EDUCATE and to be a RESOURCE for all. We are the Resource for BUSINESS SUCCESS and we are here for you. TOGETHER, we can get business done!

Our Mision

To promote the interests of our members in the areas of tourism, culture, commerce and investments between the United States and Venezuela.

Executive Board of Directors 2016-2017

Our Board of Directors 2016-2019 was elected on December 1st, 2016, and E. Adriana Kostencki was appointed President for the 2016-2017 term. Adriana Kostencki, is a dual Venezuelan-U.S. attorney, is a partner of Berger Singerman Florida’s Business Law Firm, and is the current President of the Venezuelan American National Bar Association.

  • Adriana Kostencki
    Adriana KostenckiPresident
  • Jessika Jaar-Arango
    Jessika Jaar-Arango1st Vicepresident
    • Daniel Castillo
      Daniel Castillo2nd Vicepresident
    • Yarmeli Lares
      Yarmeli LaresSecretary of the Board of Directors
    • Wilbert Moreno
      Wilbert MorenoTreasurer


      • Andreina Espino
      • Antonio Torrealba
      • Jesús Bello
      • José Maria Ramírez
      • Mónica Zerpa
      • Pedro Quijada

      Alternate Directors

      • Amilcar Lusinchi
      • Daniel Fela
      • Sylvia Bello
      • Oscar Echevarría

      Directors Ex-oficio

      • Juan A. Santiago
        President of the Board Advisors

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