Gelateria Made in Italy

Italian Restaurant - Corporate

DIRECCIÓN: 4291 NW 107th Ave.,

Doral FL 33178

TELÉFONO: (305) 967-8080


Attilio Marando - Owner

Finding Little Italy in Florida might not be as impossible as you might expect. This is especially true with the opening of Gelateria in Doral, Florida. Now you can try some of your favorite Italian foods right on the beach, what could be more perfect than this? If you are tired of traditional ice cream, it is time that you gave gelato a try.

After one bit of gelato, you will also be able to notice that gelato is a lot heavier, which means that it is really filling. Instead of spending your money on ice cream, you can get a lot more bang for your buck at the Gelateria. Gelato is made differently than ice cream, which allows it to have a much thicker consistency. It is a lot more dense because it is mixed at a much slower rate. Just give it a try and you will be coming back for more.

Not only is gelato a fan favorite, but the pizza at the Gelateria is also a fan favorite. It is loaded with cheese and all of your favorite toppings based on your instructions. Now you can have a real Italian meal any time you like.

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