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Promote in Tandem is an Ad Specialty Firm that offers unparalleled service, high level of expertise, creativity, and the greatest variety of custom branded & promo products. Our approach is to involve every sense in the process of creating a lasting impression through utilization of varied marketing tools and offering a unique insight into the Promotional Products Industry.

Our firm understands that each one of our clients has a unique story to tell, an idea to convey, an audience to captivate. We always place our customer’s satisfaction first, acknowledging their needs and return on investment (ROI) throughout the process. With our individualized consulting style, we make each client’s particular goals and business growth our main focus. We make it our mission to offer every customer the very finest combination of big company expertise + boutique firm attention to detail. Promote in Tandem guides and allows other businesses to expand through effective use ofourpromotional products combined withtheirown reputation and history.

As a proud family owned business with 22+ years of experience in the Promotional Products Industry we currently have offices in Dallas -Texas, Hollywood/Miami - Florida, and Toronto – Canada. We are available 24/7 to assist our clients in their promotional product needs wherever they are located and at any time of the year.

Our philosophy is not to serve our clients one time, but rather to develop a long-standing relationship of teamwork based on creative partnership, success, and loyalty. Independently wecansurvive....but as a team wewillexcel!

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